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Productivity, profitability and flexibility are all transformed when a law firm starts making the most of its IT potential. It’s the surest route to fully delivering on your business strategy, and the key to success is choosing the right partner; one that has:

  • Complete command of the latest technology
  • Strong relationships with the leading legal software vendors.

What makes CTS (formerly known as Converge TS) your perfect partner? The fact that we are the only provider of cloud and managed IT systems purely dedicated to the legal sector. For over twelve years our commercial and technical teams have had just one focus. Transforming complexity into simplicity for law firms; enabling them to achieve their goals by aligning their technology with their strategy.

This means:

  • You won’t have to explain the way you work before we start helping you to do it better
  • We understand the highly regulated legal sector and its specialised compliance requirements

As a result, you can be confident that our solutions will help you achieve optimum performance with your applications. Proactive is one of our favourite words and it underlies the way we work in partnership with our clients – preventing issues from happening; responding swiftly and effectively if they do; promoting efficiency, productivity and profitability.


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"CTS have done a fantastic job of ensuring we’re ready for the transition and their experience with this type of transformational change is crucial in ensuring it goes smoothly. Since implementation, not only has performance significantly improved, but the level of service to the firm and our clients has been second to none."

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