Certified Technology Specialists work with leading business clients to develop the best audiovisual solutions for each application.

Audiovisual solutions are all around us and begin in the reception area of most businesses. A digital signage solution will allow a professional image to be created immediately visitors enter your business. Using a standard flat panel LCD or plasma screen, the space can be divided into different zones to communicate key aspects of your business - as well as automatically display a welcome message for your visitor when they are due to arrive.

In the meeting room, the standard of presentation can make the difference between good and great communications. Full touch screen control panels can create a seamless presentation especially when linked with videoconference solutions. The quality of image from the right projection or screen being used is critical and CTS can advise on the best solutions available today.

By using CTS - a certified audiovisual consultant, you will get the specification and drawings to allow you to go into the market for competitive quotations from audiovisual installation companies. We will even suggest three or more to approach!

Contact Gary Langlands today for a discussion around how we can help you achieve the best solutions for the best value for your business.